The Beach Club Parking Registration Fee

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Effective June 1, 2023, a new registration policy at The Beach Club goes into effect. All guest reservations arriving June 1st or later are subject to a Registration Fee of $40.00 per vehicle per stay.

This applies to ALL NEW AND EXISTING reservations.  No EXCEPTIONS. 

Fee Breakdown: $40 per vehicle per stay regardless of the number of nights booked with the exception of reservations exceeding 28 nights, which will be $60 per vehicle per month pertaining to long term guests.  (Day passes may be purchased for $7.00, details to be announced.)

Additionally, at least 48 hours prior to arrival, the name and driver's license number for each driver must be provided to my office so they can be registered with The Beach Club Security, who will issue the parking pass upon arrival at the gate.  Parking passes may not be purchased at the security booth.  Unregistered drivers will not be allowed past the security booth and they will not sell them.

The following vehicle types are prohibited from parking at The Beach Club:
  •  RVs and campers (including Sprinter vans with hook ups)
  •  Trailers Buses Boats and jet skis Off road vehicles
  •  *Any vehicle which, in the sole discretion of Spectrum Resorts HOA Management Team, is of a size too large for a parking space to accommodate.

This additional cost will be added to your credit card on file 7-10 days prior to your arrival unless contacted by you to add another pass or to reduce the number of passes or to change credit cards.  Any and all changes must be completed by at least 48 hours prior to arrival.  No refunds will be given for "No Shows".